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“Every man ought to be supposed a knave,

and to have no other end, in all his actions,

than private interest.”   David Hume


The theft of Detective Stan Defoe’s badge is the prelude to a train of events he could not have foreseen. His colleague and partner, District Attorney Gillian Jaggers, is close to securing the conviction of a notorious and vicious crime lord,

Johann Reich. When she is required to make a critical decision that could affect the whole course of the trial, it becomes apparent that more

than her career is at stake.

'Supposed A Knave' is a graphic novel based on the daily comic strip, ‘Pros & Cons,' created by Kieran Meehan, distributed by King Features Syndicate and launched worldwide in 2005.


The daily comic strip, ‘Pros & Cons’ centers around the occupational humour of five main characters. Their personal lives are often defined and coloured by their day jobs. Each day’s strip features a stand-alone joke about the world of a lawyer, a doctor or a cop and may be viewed online through Comics Kingdom, courtesy

King Features.

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