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Paintings 1970 to 1979

self portrait 2 1974.jpg

Self portrait
Mixed media on board 26x20" 1973

Crown Circus mixed media 1976.jpg

Crown Circus
Mixed media on board 24x24" 1976

John Lee oil on canvas board 1974.jpg

John Lee. 1972
Oil on canvas board 20x26" wide.

1 London 1975 oil_canvas board.tif

London Princethorpe House.1975
Oil on canvas 18x14" wide.

1_35.Gibson St. oil_canvasb 1975.tif
Byres Road ink on paper 1974.jpg

Gibson Street. 1975
Oil on canvas board. 28x24" wide.

Byres Road. 1976
Ink on paper 12x10" wide.


Blackfriars Bridge. 1975
Oil on canvas 18x14" wide.

 Caldy Island 10x12 1979.jpg

Caldy Island. 1979
Ink on board 12x10" wide.

3.View from window 1976 ink on paper.tif

View from studio window 1976
Ink on paper 10x15" wide.

desktop 7x10in 1975.jpg

Worktop. 1975
Ink on board 10x15" wide.

bay window 1974.jpg

Bay window. 1974
Mixed media on board 31x22" wide.

Albert Hall 2 1972.jpg

Albert Hall. 1972
Ink on paper. 28x24" wide.

2.Yellow footbridge 1976 ink_paper.tif

Yellow Footbridge. 1976

Ink on paper 18x24" wide.

Standing stone 1 ink on paper 1974.jpg

Standing stone. 1971
Ink on paper 24x18" wide.

5.Mark Hodge 1976 ink_board.tif

Mark Hodge. 1976

Ink on board 22x16" wide.

Dad ink on paper.JPG

Edward Meehan. 1971

Ink on paper 16x12" wide.

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