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Miscellaneous paintings heavily influenced by Byzantine art, 'Dark Age' art, and mythology.

20 Madonna and Child small.jpg
21 Jesus Christ small.jpg

Madonna and Child.* Copy. 2022

Acrylic on canvas board 20x16” wide.

18 St. George small.jpg

Our Lord Jesus Christ.* Copy. 2022

Acrylic on canvas board 34x24” wide.

19 St. Michael the Archangel small.jpg

Saint George. Copy.* 2022

Oil on canvas board 34x24” wide.

St. Michael the Archangel.* Copy. 2022

Oil on canvas 33x22” wide.

56.St. George & the Dragon oil-canvas 1987.tif

St. George & the Dragon. 1987

Oil on canvas 50x30” wide.

32.Fallen Angel  Oil-cotton 1986.tif

Fallen Angel. 1986

Oil on cotton 48x39” wide.

86.Promethius oil-hesian 1988.tif

Promethius. 1988

Oil on Hessian  72x48” wide.

87.Icarus oil-canvas 1988.tif

Icarus. 1988

Oil on canvas 68x40” wide

73.Heracles & Hydra oil-canvas 1987.tif

Heracles and the Hydra. 1990 Oil on canvas 33x24” wide.


Lazarus. 1988

Oil on canvas 28x49" wide

78.Artemis & Acteon oil-canvas 1988.tif

Artemis & Acteon. 1988

Oil on canvas 46x46” wide.

69.Marsyas oil-muslin 1987.tif

Marsyas. 1987

Oil on muslin 60x46" wide

*Copied due to long held admiration of Byzantine Art and as an aid to my recuperation after dislocating my shoulder in 2022.

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